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The Specialist PAT Testing Company

How safe are your electrical appliances? Have they been checked recently?

As compliance professionals, our main aim is to help ensure your business is a safe, compliant enviroment bolstered by a regular service plan.

Our portable appliance tests are carried out to the exacting standards set out in the IEE/IET Code of Practice for In Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Appliances.

Should we identify any damaged, faulty or hazardous equipment during testing, we will offer advice, carry out any necessary repairs and retest the equipment accordingly. We carry a wide range of spares to ensure we offer a quick and efficient service that minimises any disruption.

Our Current services

  • Portable Appliance Testing
  • Fixed Appliance Testing
  • Microwave Emission Testing
  • Smoke Alarm Fitting/Testing
  • Emergency Light Testing
  • Minor works (fuse/plug change/retermination)
  • 3 Phase Testing & 110V /16A / 32A Equipment
  • Barcode Asset Management

Workplace Safety Made Easy

All appliances used in the workplace must meet current Health & Safety standards

Portable Appliance Testing - The Process

Formal Visual Inspection

An inspection of the appliance will help to identify any physical abnormalities.  Whereas some may be put down to wear and tear and don’t affect the safety or functioning of the appliance, some could be an accident waiting to happen.

On average, 90% of appliances which fail a PAT Test do so because of a good Formal Visual Inspection.

The Electrical Tests 

Once equipment has passed a Formal Visual Inspection it can be tested for electrical safety. This normally involves putting the equipment through a series of electrical tests using known currents and voltages, and taking test results.

These results are compared to known values to determine whether specific safety features built into the equipment will perform if there is a fault situation. The appliance can then be labelled with a pass or fail sticker. The electrical readings obtained will form part of your report.

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